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Help and Healing for Divorced Christians

If you’re a Christian woman struggling with the issues of divorce, this book is for you. "Help and Healing for Divorced Christians" is a compilation of five years of blogging primarily in support of Christian women who have had to leave their husbands because of issues of abuse. And It is a call to Christian churches to embrace these women with God’s love.

Working chapter titles: Faith, the Bible and the Church, Understanding and Dealing with Divorce, Deciding to Leave, Divorce and the Family, Divorce Humor, Divorce Transitions, Forgiveness, and New Life.

Author’s comment: After my divorce, I struggled with the issues that are typical of such an experience. But I was shocked to discover that a portion of the Christian community threw proverbial rocks at me. That discovery was followed by the realization that many other Christians, especially women, experience the pain of being shunned by their faith communities. This led me to write my memoir, "God, the Devil, and Divorce," and to begin blogging in support of divorced Christians, especially women. I pray that my readers will find some peace in realizing they are not alone, and will be reassured that God loves them no matter what.

Coming Fall 2023 

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