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Linda's Story

Author Linda Moore Kurth is a unique spirit who follows her muse wherever it might take her (She has been called a Renaissance woman). Linda’s mantra is to write “stories from the heart,” and you’ll find heart in every one of her several books. Several of her books are published through Home of the Heart Press, Linda’s personal publishing company.

Linda was an interior designer and a weaver when she began writing articles for craft magazines. Her writing morphed into her first published book, "Home of the Heart," a romance featuring―you may have guessed it―an interior designer.

At that point, Linda became hooked on writing, but not necessarily on romance. However, she did fall in love, a love that endures to this day. The object of her affection was a goofy, loveable orca named Keiko whom she met at the Oregon Coast Aquarium. One of her biggest regrets is that when he showed his teeth and curled his tongue at her, she didn’t stick out her tongue right back at him. Two years later she boarded a boat and cried with joy watching him being lowered into a sea pen in his home waters off the coast of Iceland. Her book, "Keiko’s Story: A Killer Whale Goes Home" ended there and was published in 2000 as a school and library book. She is delighted to know that it inspired many young people to advocate for orcas, for the health of the oceans, and for the creatures who know it as home.

Shortly after her journey with Keiko, Linda reluctantly left her long marriage. She was devastated to discover that a portion of the Christian community chose to throw proverbial rocks at her rather than strive to support her. Realizing that many other Christians, especially women, were experiencing the same kind of hateful response, Linda decided to tell her personal story in the memoir, "God, the Devil, and Divorce: A Transformative Journey Out of Emotional and Spiritual Abuse," and the prequel, "Welcome to the Land of Enchantment." 

Subsequently, Linda spent five years writing a blog, “Help and Healing for Divorced Christians.” She’s currently compiling those blog posts into a book of the same name.

When one of "Keiko’s Story" readers reached out to her, suggesting she tell his whole story, Linda leaped at the idea. Even today, many people still remember Keiko, and they want to know what happened after his return to Iceland. You can read more about this book HERE.

Today, Linda lives with her husband in the home of their hearts (He fell in love with her while reading "Home of the Heart") in a verdant valley in northwest Washington State between the mountains and the sea, and not too far from her favorite temperate rainforest. (She’s a tree hugger.) When she isn’t cooking up new stories, she’s often creating new recipes with produce from her garden. She’s very grateful for her readers’ interest and encouragement in her writing.

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