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God, the Devil, and Divorce: A Transformative Journey out of Emotional and Spiritual Divorce

"If you divorce, Satan wins!"​ declares Linda's latest counselor.

Wrestling with the prospect of leaving her husband of twenty-five years, Linda is caught between the conservative Christian view of divorce and what she believes God is telling her. ​Linda's story chronicles her journey of recovery and her ever-deepening faith in God.


I was drawn in by this positive and life-affirming story about a woman who finds herself and her strength as her marriage deteriorates. She fights for her marriage, her husband, and herself, battling unseen enemies. This is an engaging book about the struggle of knowing when to fight, and when to give up and make a new life for oneself.

—Susy Flory, New York Times bestselling author or co-author of over a dozen memoirs,

Linda's personal testimony of faith and integrity, despite going through divorce twice, will give hope to devout Christian women and men who've have despaired of finding a good mate. Anyone who has been deceived by a charming selfish spouse who presents themselves as godly but are chronically abusive, unfaithful, indifferent, or addicted will find comfort in Linda's journey. Her journal entries reveal God's hand of care and protection in her life, helping her see what was happening, helping her escape destructive situations, giving her clarity as she second-guessed her decisions, helping her establish boundaries, and eventually guiding her to a loving husband who truly loves the Lord and has good character. She explains the biblical basis behind her decisions, and encourages others not to give up on finding a loving partner.

—Gretchen Baskerville, author,The Life-Saving Divorce

In this compelling, readable, and highly relatable memoir, Linda M. Kurth takes us deep inside what could be so many American homes and reveals the pain, joy, and discovery of motherhood, womanhood, and sexuality. Looking at Christianity from both the inside and outside, Kurth writes honestly about how her faith supported her as well as the challenges she faced when the choices she made conflicted with some of her fellow Christian’s mores.

William Kenower, author of Fearless Writing: How to Create Boldly and Write with Confidence

A memoir [that] recounts a difficult marriage and a woman’s subsequent empowerment through faith… Kurth delves deep into the emotional state of her household, creating an admirable portrait of how toxic atmospheres have real mental and physical consequences… Intriguing is the author’s post-divorce evolution on the Christian dating scene. Surrounded by other “beautiful, intelligent women of God” affected by bad marriages, Kurth embraced a range of conservative and liberal schools of Christian thought that will surely speak to readers also questioning what they really want. While a distressing marriage takes center stage, this account offers refreshing takes on starting over.

---Kirkus Review

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