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Home of the Heart

Meg Carey, a rising star in a fast-paced Beverly Hills interior design firm, suffers a claustrophobic attack while flying to Oregon for her family's Christmas. Matt Aaberg, a charismatic stranger comes to her rescue. Is he a chauvinistic opportunist, as Meg suspects? Or as genuine as he appears to his Oregon TV viewers? When Matt dares to suggest that Meg move back home to Oregon, sparks begin to fly―and keep on flying until this couple's worlds are turned upside down. Forced to examine the course of their lives, will Matt and Meg be able to discover the home of their hearts? 

*Home of the Heart is a "clean romance."

Ms. Kurth's characters steer the reader through the frenetic L.A. design scene, soaring to a luxurious New York penthouse, and dreaming on a romantic tour of Oregon, as they pursue their fascinating careers.

Thomas Bouregy & Co.,

Meg is no saccharine heroine. However, despite her very real, yet emotional issues, she demonstrates talent, love, and finally, devotion. Matt is an unusual hero, an extrovert with a capital ‘E.’ He falls in love as quickly as he ultimately transforms. This story is replete with vivid problems and accurate, if speedy, solutions. HOME OF THE HEART is a wonderful novel which is sure to find a place in the reader’s heart.  A Rendezvous Review

A Rendezvous Review

It touched my heart and made me cry. 

Pete S., Littleton, Colorado

I loved the settings, especially the scene in the cabin. It had me swooning.  

Angie, Barnes & Noble publicist, Bend, Oregon

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