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Santa’s Kitchen Gadgets

Santa knows how much I enjoy cooking and experimenting with new dishes. He gave me some cool kitchen gadgets this year.

Immersion blender

​From the moment I learned about immersion blenders, I wished I had one. Fortunately, Santa was able to find just what I wanted without him having to spend a bundle. So far I’ve used it to puree chunks of zucchini in a pot of turkey broth, and to whip up egg whites for Belgian waffles. I expect to continue to find this gadget in regular use in my kitchen.

spiral veggie slicer

​You’ve undoubtedly heard of my huge success growing zucchini this year. Santa knows one of my favorite recipes is Zucchini Alfredo. This little baby ought to help make the zoodles in a jiffy. Also recommended for cucumbers and carrots. I’m sure I’ll be experimenting with other vegetables from my garden as well.


​Santa was probably spying on me as I grunted and groaned getting loaf pans and other cookware out from the back of a base cabinet. I was pleased when he delivered one shelf for the bottom and another to replace the top shelf. He’s promised to return someday soon and install them.


Touchless faucet

​I admit this faucet is not exactly a stocking stuffer and Santa did not deliver it this year. He knows our current faucet is failing, but I suspect he’s hoping this will go on sale sometime in the new year. Maybe he’ll tip off the Easter Bunny. 

Smart Ice Cream Scoop

We haven’t received all of our Christmas gifts yet, so we’re hoping Santa has relayed our hint to certain someones that we’d love this scoop. If not, we’ll likely buy it for ourselves, as our potluck group has been teasing us about the inefficiency of our current one.


Did you receive any kitchen gadgets this Christmas? My readers would love to hear about your favorites and one’s you’ll probably be returning or donating to a charity of your choice.

Good cooking to you, ​Linda

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